Match Patents to Products

Match Patents to Products

Identify and document your most valuable patents by matching them to commercial products

A key part of documenting patent infringement is to locating real-world electronic systems that are the most likely to contain infringing silicon. Our team boasts decades of experience helping the world’s most important owners of semiconductor patents locate these high-probability devices. Progressively precise matches can be obtained using one of three levels of analysis.

Level 1

Expert Judgement

Our IP analysts can quickly assess a list of patents to filter out lower quality documents and tease out a short list of high-value patents. Known as golden patents, these are the properties with the greatest chance of matching to real-world technology. They are also selected for ease of documentation using the techniques available at a Level 2 or Level 3 match. Using their expert knowledge based on decades of practical experience working with patents and technology, our analysts apply expert judgement to filter a list of patents and identify the best nuggets.

Level 2

Public Documentation

In many monetization scenarios, it is not necessary to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that a patent “hits” on a certain patent – it is enough to show a high-probability match between a patent and a commercial product line. In this case, our analysts can prepare evidence of use documents using written sources, such as specification sheets, public marketing material, or datasheets. Matches at this level are often enough to convince a prospective buyer to acquire a patent, or convince a reluctant negotiation partner to agree to licensing terms. As such they can carry significant value while keeping analytic costs to a minimum.

Level 3

Evidence of Use

The most detailed analysis provides physical evidence that a patent is instantiated in a specific technology product. More typically referred to simply as evidence of use, this constitutes the most complex but also the most powerful form of reverse engineering analysis we provide. Circuit, process, or systems analysis can all be applied to create the claim charts that document such evidence of use. Level 3 analysis can also be used for prior art work in a defensive scenario. Claim charts are highly technical documents showing the correspondence between specific patent claim elements and physically-instantiated structures in real technology products, and are admissible as evidence in IP courts.

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Monetize your patent portfolio by matching your best patents to high-revenue commercial products