Competitive Intelligence Services

Gain valuable insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, maximize your design’s potential for success in the market

If your team seeks to better understand your competitors’ latest innovations, look to us for real-world data on the latest functional implementations, circuit designs, layout details, technical highlights and process structures

Circuit Analysis

Extract partial or full-chip circuit schematics

Using state-of-the-art equipment and software, we go deep into integrated circuits, reverse engineering circuit designs and delivering them to clients as easy-to-understand hierarchical schematics in an interactive software tool, giving your team key insights into the technical solutions implemented in competing technology and eventually allowing you to leapfrog the competition, taking maximum market share with each new product launch.

Process Analysis

Access high-magnification SEM and TEM of process structures

Our engineers are well-informed on the latest semiconductor fabrication processes and have the tools necessary to identify process structures based on cross-sectional micrographs, and we can help your team determine the fabrication process type and generation used by your competition, often a key metric in benchmarking the cost-effectiveness of your manufacturing strategy.

Our engineering team has over a hundred person-years of experience analyzing and reporting on leading-edge ICs

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