About ICmasters

ICmasters is a semiconductor reverse engineering and Intellectual Property (IP) services company based in Ottawa, Canada. Established in 2017 by industry veterans, we offer world-class patent portfolio optimization and competitive technical benchmarking services. Using a selection of best-in-class workflows, software, and hardware tools, we help the world’s most important owners of semiconductor IP maximize the value of their technology assets.

Our Team

Ottawa is known as one of the world’s most active semiconductor IP ecosystems, and ICmasters’ pedigree can be traced back through Ottawa’s premier semiconductor IP organizations. Our growing team can collectively boast of nearly a century of collective experience in semiconductor reverse engineering and IP services, including:

  • Evidence of Use Analysis and Prior Art
  • IC Circuit Schematic Extraction
  • Patent Portfolio Evaluation
  • Process Structure Analysis

Our senior management is composed only of experts in the business and practice of semiconductor intellectual property and reverse engineering. Each of us has 10+ years of experience in these specific areas, as well as broader industry experience in IC design, semiconductor manufacturing, and technology enterprise sales. Rounding out our team is a group of highly-skilled and experienced reverse-engineering and patent specialists.

To learn more about our team members and their backgrounds, please visit our LinkedIn page and follow us if you’d like to keep up to date on our activities and news.

Our Clients

Our customers include global semiconductor operating companies, renowned IP law firms, and other owners of semiconductor IP. Due to the nature of the services we offer, we maintain a strict confidentiality policy and do not disclose who our specific clients are. However, many are household names and the others are well-known to anyone working in the semiconductor industry. Whether your team is designing the next revolutionary innovation or moving to safeguard and get maximum value from your Intellectual Property portfolio, make the ICmasters team a trusted partner in your technology and patent endeavors.

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