Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Unlock the value of your semiconductor patent portfolio

Our experienced Intellectual Property (IP) team offers specialized services that help you match patents to products, license your patents to other users of the technology, prepare patent claim charts, and monetize your patent portfolio. We can help you by finding Evidence of Use (EoU) in real-world electronic systems, mining your portfolio for golden patents, and assessing your portfolio to see how you match up against industry rivals. Let us help you identify your IP strengths and weaknesses, find new opportunities, and create value from your existing patent portfolio.

Match patents to products

Identify which devices are infringing your IP

The first step in documenting infringement is to locate real-world electronic systems that are the most likely to contain infringing silicon. Our team boasts decades of experience helping the world’s most important owners of semiconductor patents locate these high-probability devices. We can propose targets or work with your IP team to raise confidence in proposed infringement targets.

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Evidence of Use (EoU)

Document evidence of use of semiconductor patents

Our team has mastered the legal and technical know-how needed to find and document patent Evidence of Use (EoU) for infringing technology. The technical methods used to achieve results vary, but always end with a claim chart deliverable, which systematically documents how specific claims are embodied in the infringing system or IC. These claim charts are used by patent owners to support licensing negotiation or litigation efforts, and are widely respected by courts of law as objective third-party evidence of use of patented technology.

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Patent landscape

Understand your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses

A patent landscape analysis arms patent portfolio owners with an understanding of how they compare to other IP owners across technical and industry areas. Patent landscape analyses reveal the structure, or topology, of a portfolio, where strengths and weaknesses in technology coverage may exist, and how this may present opportunities for portfolio monetization, trimming low-return assets, and bolstering weak coverage with acquisition of patents or new strategic patenting activity.

Patent mining

Find golden patents

We have extensive experience advising patent owners on how to mine their portfolio to maximize return on investment. We can identify those high-quality patents that cover basic, widely used technology, are straightforward to document using Evidence of Use, and are likely to be used in high-volume real-world electronic systems. These golden patents will yield the greatest return, and should be the focus of your efforts if you wish to optimize your return on investment for IP monetization projects.

Our customers include global semiconductor operating companies, renowned IP law firms, and other owners of semiconductor IP